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The SOC Experience

As cyber attacks continue to rise, companies are seeking to hire well-trained and knowledgeable cybersecurity professionals with hands-on experience to detect the attack and defend the mission. Our company’s course, “The SOC Experience” provides students with the hands-on experience necessary to perform day-to-day operations in a Security Operations Center (SOC) as a Cyber Security Analyst at the Tier 1 level. This engaging course will allow students to log into a simulated network environment and learn hands-on techniques that will enable them to thrive as SOC analysts. In this simulated network environment, students will have the opportunity to work in Splunk, Linux Command Line, Windows Command Line, and more. This course features personalized feedback from instructors as well as assignments that help them to develop their newly gained cybersecurity skills. At the completion of the hands-on portion, students will then engage in a mock interview. Skills are in accordance with the NICE Cybersecurity Workforce Framework (NIST 800-181 Rv. 1).

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.\ Work Role ID: PR-CDA-001
.\ Work Role ID: IN-FOR-002
.\ Work Role ID: PR-CIR-001
.\ Work Role ID: CO-OPS-001


.\ Processor Speed: 1.90 GHz up to 3.80 GHz
.\ Minimum 8GB Ram
.\ Minimum 250GB Space
.\ For Windows users remote access:
Windows 10 Pro

or Windows 11 Pro
.\ ZeroTier Agent
.\ For virtual students: You need the ability to view the

presentation and perform the hands-on portion of the

course (I.e., two monitors)   


.\ Anyone looking to pivot into the field or currently in the field

.\ You must be able to know how to type and use a computer (Navigate to apps, internet, etc.)
.\ You must be hungry and ready to learn
.\ Have at least one degree or certificate in Cyber Security or a related field (Preferred)
.\ Candidates can still sign up if they do not have certs or degrees as well


.\ A person that would like to:

  • Learn about the role of being a Tier 1 SOC Analyst

  • Obtain hands-on experience and the skills necessary to become a successful Tier 1 SOC Analyst


.\ It is NOT a certification class. It is a class that will give you hands-on experience that will enable you to perform in a role as a Tier 1 Cyber Security/SOC analyst. It is recommended that candidates have some type of cyber security certification or degree before enrolling in this class. Candidates who do not have a Cyber Security certification or degree CAN take this class, however, it will require more effort to obtain such credentials to accompany the hands-on training from this course.

.\ It is NOT a class to teach you how to use a computer. It is a class that will provide hands-on experience by using various tools on the computer. Candidates should be able to type and use a computer before enrolling into this class.

.\ It is NOT a job placement course. We do not charge or guarantee job placement. However, students have used this experience to obtain jobs.


I .\ Know How To Pivot into The Cyber Security Field

  • Current Status

  • Correlating Skills


II .\ Know your Enemy

  • Cyber Kill Chain

  • MITRE ATT&CK Matrix

  • Diamond Model

  • Most Common Cyber Attacks


III .\ Know Your Role

  • Why are you here?

  • Incident Response Process


IV .\ Know Your Environment

  • Network Maps

  • Networking Basics

  • Most Common Ports/Protocols


V .\ Know your Tools

  • Windows Command Line

  • Linux Command Line


  • SysInternals

  • Wireshark

  • SIEM


  • Firewall (Lite)

  • Host-Based/Network-Based Tools


VI .\ Know your Logs

  • Windows Event Logs

  • AV Logs

  • Web Browser Logs

  • Firewall Logs

  • Zeek Logs

  • Sysmon Logs

  • Suricata Logs

  • Forensic Artifacts

VII .\ Know How to Report an Incident

  • Malware Template

  • Phishing Template

  • The Overall Process

  • Good Writing/Speaking/Communication Skills

  • Phishing Playbook

  • Malware Playbook

  • USB Detection Playbook

  • Active Inactive Account Playbook

  • Data Exfiltration Playbook

  • Rogue Device Playbook

VIII .\ Know How to Defend

  • Mitigation Techniques

  • Rule Creation Techniques


.\ 1 Week (5 hrs per Day)

.\ $750 per student for Hands-on Training

.\ $999 per student for Hands-on Training, Resume Update, Mock Interview

Refunds are processed only in the format in which payment was received. Payments made by credit cards will be refunded only to the card used for
payment and will be subject to a 2.25% processing fee. Participants must withdraw via email to, and the type of program
determines the minimum notification required:

Workshops (Single Session)
Participants who withdraw by email to two or more full business days (48 hours minimum) before a workshop will be refunded 100% of the course fee, less a 2.25% processing fee for credit card transactions. Cancellations made less than two business days before a course are not eligible for a refund.

Bootcamps (One Week Course)
Participants who withdraw by email to two or more full business days (48 hours minimum) before a session starts will receive a refund for that and any additional remaining sessions, less a 2.25% processing fee for credit card transactions. Participants withdrawing less than two business days before the first or second session, will be charged for the upcoming session, but receive a refund for any additional remaining sessions. Withdrawals made less than two business days before the third and final session are not eligible for a refund.


Contact us to see when the next available class will be held.

"A gap bridged between workforce deficit and quality cyber professionals." - MaxProd Technologies

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